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All current GMs, please PM (privately message) Thality Samish an image (300px width or larger) for your guild banner and a 2-3 sentence description of the guild.
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 LP guild info

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PostSubject: LP guild info   Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:50 pm

Lion's Pride Guild

Lion's Pride, a knightly Guild whose goal is to protect the innocents of Fiore. This guild is not one to be taken lightly, led by Wizard Saint and Lightning Dragon Slayer Lucian Wing, this Guild is one of courageous warriors who stand up for their beliefs. The members of this Guild hold values of strength, wisdom, kindness, and above all else, courage, very dear to their hearts. Each member of the Guild is valued, each has a role. This Guild is one held in high favor with the Magic Council, and works alongside The Zealots to enforce the laws of Fiore.

This guild is also a highly ceremonial one, with ceremonies ranging from acceptance ceremonies once a month, to ace ceremonies, and anything in between. They hold ceremonies so often some members of the guild have decided to simply wear ceremonial wear any time they are in the guild hall.

Guild Hall

The Guild Hall of Lion's Pride is located deep within the mountains, and can only be accessed by members of Lion's Pride or The Zealots. anybody else who tries to get to the Guild hall without an escort will find themselves being attacked by the Guild's pets, a flock of gryphons.

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LP guild info
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